YMCA boxing team cleans up riverfront for 4th of July

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - The Evansville riverfront is a little cleaner today because of the Evansville YMCA boxing team.

Parents, kids and volunteers picked up trash today.

The cleanup was sponsored by the organization Keep Evansville Beautiful.

About 30 people cleaned up for the July 4th festivities on Saturday.

The team is designed to teach kids the sports of boxing, but also show them the perks of doing community service.

Organizers Jen and John Richard say it's a good lesson for the kids.

"We really wanted to show them, the community, that we really appreciate their support.  Not only that but teach our kids on the team about community service," says Jen Richard.

The team's next boxing match is Saturday July 25th at the CK Newsome Center in downtown Evansville.

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