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Donation boxes stolen from Evansville church

Westminster  Baptist Church Westminster Baptist Church
Donation boxes stolen Donation boxes stolen
Evansville Police are investigating a break in at Westminster Presbyterian Church on Mt. Vernon Avenue.
Jessica Hamilton was getting the church's daycare up and running Thursday morning when she saw something wrong. 
"I noticed there was a cigarette ash on the floor and obviously we do not allow smoking in here," said Hamilton. 
Then she saw the big empty space where the church's food pantry and tuition boxes once hung. 
Surveillance tape shows one person breaking into the building around 8:00 p.m. Wednesday.
"It's very confusing to me to understand why people would break into a church and steal, it says food pantry on the box for crying out loud," said Hamilton.
"Just gut-wrenching to know that someone would break into a church and steal money from a church," said church member, Katie Droege. 
There was over a 100 dollars in the food pantry box, according to church employees. 
Church members are still trying to figure out how they'll make up for the loss. 
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