6-year-old without hair wants to go to retreat to meet others with alopecia

6-year-old without hair wants to go to retreat to meet others with alopecia

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Sarah Champion is an Evansville 6-year-old full of life. She's almost always rocking a smile, but the spunky girl wants to one day meet others who are also bald and beautiful.

At 2-years-old, Sarah lost all of her hair. Diagnosed with alopecia, it's not likely it will ever grow back.

"I want her to embrace not having hair," Ashley Turner, Sarah's mom, says.

Sarah has embraced it, although she's had her challenges.

"She would come home and just cry. She didn't want to go to school. She just fought with us. She wouldn't get out of the car to go to school because she was so scared of other kids saying stuff to her," Turner says.

As time has gone on, Sarah's confidence has only grown.

"I like school very much," Sarah says. "I made lots of friends and some of my friends I already know was there."

Although Sarah has plenty of playmates, she's looking to make more. In a chance encounter, Sarah did meet an adult with the same disease.

"It made me really really happy!" Sarah says. "Because I got to meet people, like me!"

However, Sarah's desire to see other kids who know what it's like to be bald isn't fading. 
That's why her mom is planning to take her Alopeciapalooza, an August retreat in North Carolina for kids who don't have hair.

"She really wants to feel like she's not alone, that she has other kids out there just like her," Turner says. 
"They don't have no hair... just like me!" Sarah says.

It's a place where Sarah can make new friends, gain self-esteem and share her contagious spirit.

"It looks really, really fun!" Sarah says.

To ensure they can afford to take Sarah, Sarah's family is taking donations to pay for the retreat.

They've set up a GoFundMe page for people to give monetary donations.

You can also keep up with Sarah and her journey on a Facebook page her family has set up - Jewel B&B.

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