Owensboro firefighters reclaim rib eating title

Owensboro firefighters reclaim rib eating title

OWENSBORO, KY (WFIE) - In Owensboro, firefighters reclaimed their rib eating champion title from the police department.

It happened at Texas Road House's annual dime to donate rib eating contest.

Several members of both departments chomped away for charity.

The fire department won the contest in the end and 10 percent of Tuesday night's sales went to the charity of their choice --the American Red Cross.

"Oh yeah, there's a lot of bragging rights in this," said Joe Wright, an Owensboro firefighter. "We're rubbing it in on them. They just beat us last weekend in a little cook off so this is a little bit of our reward."

The Owensboro Fire Department has won the contest two out of three years.

Organizers are still adding up Tuesday's fundraiser, but past events have raised around $300 for charity.

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