Indiana Vision 2025 report card shows improvement

Indiana Vision 2025 report card shows improvement

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - The results of Indiana's Vision 2025 report card have arrived.

The report tracks where Indiana is making progress compared to other states and where there's room for improvement.

Chamber members say it shows the state has improved in 28 of the nearly 60 areas since 2013.

Those areas include exporting business and math and reading scores.

Indiana Chamber President Kevin Brinegar says presenting these findings in regional meetings helps to shape future legislative sessions.

"We get feedback from local community and education leaders, we discuss priorities and build some momentum for policy initiatives for the 2016 general assembly," says Brinegar.

Evansville was the site of one of six regional report card meetings this year. Leaders will return in two years for the next report card update.

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