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World Changers fixing homes in Owensboro


Several homes in Owensboro are getting a makeover this week.

World Changers---made up of more than 250 students from seven different states are fixing 20 homes.

Most of the work includes building wheel chair ramps, putting siding on houses, painting, roofing, and landscaping.

“You connect because you have one thing in common: You believe in God,” said Katelin Purgason. “You praise Him, you've got that in common with a bunch of different people.

“They go around doing this for people,” adds Mary Nugent, who's home is being repaired.  “It's like spreading the word of Christ everywhere. It's just wonderful. It's just wonderful that they do this for the people.”

This is the eighth year World Changers has been fixing homes in Owensboro. The supplies and funding for the projects comes from the city.

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