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Dog left to die in dumpster, gets new home


UPDATE -- Lovely, the dog that was rescued from an Evansville dumpster, now has a new home.

The people at DeWig's Body Shop that rescued her, then adopted her as soon as she was available.

Lovely is a little scared around some people, but fitting in just fine at her new home.


PREVIOUS -- An Evansville man was arrested after police say he admitted to throwing a small dog away in a dumpster, and left him to die.

It happened at Seventh and Maryland Streets, outside DeWig's Body Shop.

Joy DeWig says over the weekend one of her employees went to throw away trash in the dumpster.

Just minutes before, Joy saw something she didn't think twice about.

"A black gentleman walked past him with two trash bags," she told us.

The employee opened the dumpster and heard whining coming from inside.

"He found the little puppy that we saw earlier in the dumpster," DeWig said.

Police say a brown and white puppy had been stuffed inside a trash bag and thrown in the dumpster.

The dog was able to chew through and escape.

"Shock...a puppy dog that was cute...that was lovable was thrown in the dumpster, it's shocking," she told us.

Evansville Police and animal control officials questioned a man who lives next door.

According to arrest affidavits, 28-year-old Antonio Smith told police he thought you could throw a dog away if you didn't want it anymore.

But this sad story will have a happy ending.

"When she's up for adoption, we're going to adopt her,” DeWig said. “She is so cute and adorable and lovable, no hard decision whatsoever to take her.”

Animal Control named the dog "Lovely" and she will be up for adoption in 10 days.

Police say the man who admitted to throwing her in the dumpster is still in jail on animal neglect charges.

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