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Missing 10 year old Evansville boy reunited with family


It was a long night for the family of Jy'neil Robinson but it had a good ending.

His family wasn't sure if they would ever seen the 10-year-old again.

"When I came home his bike was outside. I figured he was inside napping. I went to put my things away. When I came back outside, his bike was gone," said Jy'neil's mom, Briauna Robinson. 

That was around 4:00 p.m. Monday.

When it got dark, she really started to worry, and by Tuesday morning she was frantic to find him.

"If someone has him just please bring him home. Jy'neil, if you're listening or watching, you're not in trouble just come home," said Briauna. 

Thousands of people heard what happened through social media and did what they could to spread the word. 

Police searched the Garvin Park area overnight where family thought Jy'neil might be.

"Sleepless night. just been out looking for him," said Jy'neil's aunt. 

In the end, a family member figured out Jy'neil was at his cousin's house.

He told his cousin's mom that it was ok to spend the night, but it turns out he never got permission.

Now that he's back home, his mom's more relieved than mad.

"I think he's learned his lesson. he got a pretty good scare," said Briauna. 

"I'm gonna ask my mom if it's ok," Jy'neil said. 

The family said their not sure where Jy'neil's bike is, but they said that doesn't matter, as long as they have him.

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