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Daviess Co. Animal Shelter seeking assistance to avoid euthanization


The Daviess County Animal Shelter is seeking the community's help in adopting, or fostering, dogs that could soon be euthanized.

Staff say they had to put a couple of dogs down this past weekend because they're running out of room.

Jennifer Jackson with the shelter tells us having to euthanize animals weighs on their hearts.

“All the staff here, all the volunteers, everybody takes it really hard,” she said. “We try to hold on to them as long as we can but we are open admission. Every kennel in the shelter is full, so tough decisions have to be made.”

Jennifer says a lot of the problem with overcrowding stems from people not spaying or neutering their animals.

If you're interested in helping some of the dogs, you can contact the Daviess County Animal Shelter.

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