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Owensboro Police address firework laws


We're less than a month away from July 4th and Owensboro Police are wanting to remind people of the law regarding fireworks.

Officers say they've already received several complaints of people shooting off fireworks in the city.

Now, you can shoot off fireworks in the city limits but there are restrictions.

You have to be older than 18-years-old. You also have to be 200 feet away from any buildings or cars.

Officer Michael Hathaway says these laws are in place to keep people safe.

“We want people to have the fireworks and use them but as long as it's done appropriately so that we don't have any injuries or any reports of property damage,” Hathaway told us.

Hathaway says you can shoot off fireworks between 10 a.m. and 10 p.m.

That time is extended to midnight on holidays, such as July 4th.

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