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3 Carmi girls snap selfies with Kenny Chesney during concert

(Source: Kenny Chesney Facebook page) (Source: Kenny Chesney Facebook page)

Three 10-year-old girls from Carmi, Illinois are the happiest Kenny Chesney fans after Thursday's concert at the Ford Center.

Sisters Shelby and Emma Scates and Abby Huffer told 14NEWS they had been dancing and singing at the top of their lungs when Kenny motioned for an assistant to get them and bring them on stage.

A couple of selfies later, the girls had a great story to tell.

It got even better Friday morning.

The country singer posted messages on social media and sent emails asking for help finding the young fans so he could pass along the great pictures to their parents.

We found out it's a moment that almost didn't happen.

The ticketing agency accidentally sold the group tickets to a Kenny Chesney show in a different city. They didn't realize that until the last minute.

As luck would have it, there were still some tickets available for the Evansville show.

Their new tickets put them further back, but in plain sight. You might even say it worked out in their favor.

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