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Graham Precinct will have another wet-dry election

 A Daviess County gas station clerk says she's sitting on more than 200 signatures tonight...  And that's enough for another Graham Precinct wet dry election.   That gas station sits on border of the precinct. Employees want to be able to sell alcohol just like their competitor across the street. 

In Thurston, Kentucky - there are only a few places to get what you need.  The Fast Fuel on Highway 144 is one of them. "They come in, get their gas here, cigarettes here, they get bait here. They come in and want to do one stop shopping,” said Marcella Rye, Fast Fuel Clerk. 

But— there's one thing you can't get here—alcohol. The Graham Precinct in Thruston is dry!

The south side of Highway 144 where Fast Fuel sits is dry, but the north side where there competitor is at is wet, and that means you can get alcohol right across the street.

Fast Fuel Clerk Marcella Rye collected around 200 signatures to put the issue back on the ballot. She says she got mixed feelings from people—but says the majority were in favor of alcohol sales. 

Rye's hoping it passes this time.

The Daviess County Clerk's Office says the election will cost tax payers around two thousand dollars. The voters will decide July 14th.

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