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New sculpture placed at Haynie’s Corner


A new sculpture has been added to Haynie's Corner.

It's called Gateway, and Scott Ross is the artist.

The new sculpture is over 2,000 pounds of steel and serves as a gateway to the arts community.

It was installed Wednesday just across from the Bokeh Lounge and behind the Alhambra Theater.

"Sculpt E-V-V"'s project director says "Gateway" will be an emblem of the area.

"A work of art can stand for its neighborhood and become its iconic emblem as this will do,” said Hilary Braysmith, the project director. “If you think of the Statue of Liberty as standing for the U.S. and everybody recognizes this, this sculpture can stand for the Arts District."

Sculpt EVV is hosting a Community Art and Music Festival this weekend.

It's Saturday on the corner of Jefferson and Southeast Second Street, featuring live music, games, and a mural painting.

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