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Mt. Vernon students give back to community on mission week


A group of 19 students from Mt. Vernon are giving back to the community as part of the first ever Mt. Vernon Mission Week.

The creator of the event is a teacher and youth pastor in Mt. Vernon.

He says these students have been raising money for two home improvement projects since October. They raised about $4,000. 

Half of the students are working on a handicap ramp in Mt. Vernon while the others are at a home in New Haven, Illinois building a porch.

We're told that both homeowners are thrilled with the projects.

"She was amazed that there were still people in this world who wanted to come and do this stuff,” said Kenton Mahoney, who created the event. “And she was close to tears when I told her what we were going to do and everything we are going to do to her home here and she was just so appreciative.”

"These people have trouble just walking up and down the stairs,” added Matthew Crafton, a sophomore at Mt. Vernon High School. “They have to have walkers and they even have to have wheelchairs so just having the ability to build a ramp, to clean out their garden, to clean up their trash, it feels great.”

Mt. Vernon Mission Week began Monday and it will end on Friday.

If you would like to get involved in Mt. Vernon Mission Week, you can call the First United Methodist Church in Mt. Vernon at 812-838-2640 and ask for Kenton Mahoney.

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