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More than a dozen coal miners laid off in western Kentucky

 More than a dozen coal miners in western Kentucky are out of work tonight. Armstrong coal officials tells us most of the employees work at the Equality boot mine in Centertown. 

Western Kentucky Reporter Jonathan McEmber caught up with some former mine employees who know what that feels like.

It's like many small towns in America in that most people know their neighbors and in Centertown - word travels fast. Jacob Johnson heard about the recent Armstrong layoffs earlier today. The news hits home for him.

"I was a coal miner for Patriot coal out in Henderson. I was laid off about two years ago." "Nobody likes getting off and trying to find a job in this tough community," said Jacob Johnson, Centertown Resident,

Johnson says about ten of his friends have been laid off from various coal mines in western Kentucky and today others will join them. Armstrong officials say the war on coal and declining market is forcing the company to downsize. Today, Armstrong officials announced a total of 16 miners will be laid off—Most from the Equality Boot Mine in Centertown. Johnson says a bunch of his laid off coal miner friends still don't have jobs and their unemployment is running out.

"A buddy of mine lives right down the street on 69 was a machine operator. He still doesn't have a job. He's getting close to losing his house if he doesn't hurry up and get something," said Johnson.

The miners were laid off effective immediately. 

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