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Julie's Story: Breast cancer patient fights second battle

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Evansville native, Julie Jarvis is fighting her second battle with breast cancer.  

"I had no history of breast cancer.  I was a good patient.  I went every year for a mammogram," said Julie.

It was during one of those routine exams, Julie got the news.

"I was diagnosed March 14, 2013."  

She endured 20 weeks of chemo, a double mastectomy and 30 rounds of radiation.

"I was given a clean bill of health."

She began the reconstructive process.   

"My plastic surgeon kept saying, I don't think this is right.  I don't think this is right."

The cancer returned.

"It's still breast cancer but it's actually in my dermis, so it's in between the layers of my skin."

Julie's doctors in Evansville recommended she join a clinical trial at Vanderbilt. She qualified and that's where her journey with Komen came full circle.

"Komen sponsors this study.  I'm finally making good use of Komen services.  I am the poster child so to speak."

She travels to Vandy once a week for treatment and she's already seeing promising results.

"It's obvious that it's working.  My skin where the cancer was almost blue and so inflamed and ugly.  You can see that it's better."

Her hopeful spirit never seems to fade.

"I don't know where that comes from but I hope I never lose it, let's put it that way.  It's a bump in the road.  This is the second bump but a bump nonetheless." 

Her family, friends and fellow Komen supporters keep her going.

"The people who check on me.  I try to make sure I always say thank you for checking on me because the checkups really help. " 

She looks forward to a bright future.

"Once I get my strength back and get to feeling better, take a nice vacation and just take some downtime."

Julie will find out soon if that clinical trial treatment is working.  

Click here to support trials like this one and other Komen sponsored treatments and services, 

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