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St. Theresa Catholic School closes after 67 years


"I can't stop crying because of it because I will miss these people," said St. Theresa parent, Amy Hassel. 

Hassel is heartbroken because the school that taught, comforted and mentored her kids closed Friday after 67 years.

The principal of St. Theresa Catholic School said too many people are moving away.

So, to end it on a positive note, they had a field day with students, parents, faculty, and alumni. Or as they like to call it, family.

"You can see kids walking down the hallway from kindergarten to 8th grade holding hands and being buddies. everybody takes care of each other," said Principal Nancy Mills. 

It's this sense of togetherness that everyone said made this school extra special.

"We've had's had a great impact on us and our lives and it made us stronger in every way," said 6th grader, Katlynn Hassel. 

Many know this may be the end for St. Theresa, but it's certainly not the end for this family.

"They've helped me a lot one on one, in the classroom, they've shown me a lot. they showed me to be the person I am today," said Jordan Perkins, a recent St. Theresa graduate. 

"It's bittersweet, it's a closing but a new beginning," said Hassel. 

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