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Picture of proposal at a wedding causing debate

(WFIE) -

Is it sweet or socially unacceptable?

This picture is generating all sorts of buzz on social media.

It was posted on Reddit four days ago, has also been picked up by Imgur, and there are literally thousands of comments about it.

The photo shows a guy, proposing to a girl, at what is obviously a wedding reception.

The bride doesn't look too pleased.

Comments about the picture range from, "I heard it was bad luck to propose at someone's wedding," to "Seriously, after how hard you worked to put your wedding together and you get that. You're a lot more gracious than I would've been."

This one kind of sums it all up, "It's tacky and d**n it, you aren't paying for this party, the food, the drinks, the atmosphere...you just showed up with a ring."

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