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Henderson holds Technology Education Day

HENDERSON, KY (WFIE) - Robots in the classroom? They're coming soon to Henderson County Schools.

"Dash and Dot run through the iPad and offer the ability to code and to write code. It applies from grade 4 through high school, so every school in our district will receive the package of Dash and Dot robots to learn and to play with and to have the opportunity to use MakerSpace," said Kara Yates, Director of Innovative Technology. 

Certified staff and district administrators learned about Google Apps Thursday and how that technology will soon be available for classroom and home use. 

"It allows teachers to collaborate and to share information with stakeholders and parents very easily. It offers them to be able to access their files anywhere. It allows the students to collaborate together. It also helps us to go paperless and to cut down on our paper consumption," said Yates.

Teachers tell 14 NEWS, in today's day and age, it seems like kids are practically born with their smartphone or other device in their hands, so they say the more they can integrate technology into the classrooms, the more engaged they'll be.

"We've definitely learned a lot of things today that we can implement in the classroom, things that I haven't heard of like Learning Management System, things they can do off their phone or other devices or right off their computer at home," said Jessica Zachary, 6th grade teacher. "I think we can really utilize what we've learned today to make our classrooms more engaging and fun for the kids."

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