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Gibson Co. family reacts to Indiana ban on live poultry events


Fairs across the State of Indiana will not be hosting live poultry events this year.

State officials have placed a ban on moving poultry to events in hopes of preventing the spread of the deadly bird flu.

The flu has already killed more than 40 million birds.

The virus is called the Avian Influenza Virus and although there has only been one case reported in the State of Indiana, poultry owners are taking special care to protect their chickens.

The Meyer family is not new to the chicken coop.

"We've been raising chickens for quite a while,” said Jane Meyer. “My older son is going to be 25 so he could start in the third grade when he was 9-years-old"

And Jane Meyer's younger son, Alex, followed in his footsteps.

"I've been doing it since third grade,” Alex said. “We clean our birds and we clean out the coop and we feed them every day and water them and we just take care of them"

So when the news hit?

"Oh, I was kind of bummed," he told us.

The Indiana State Board of Animal Health put a ban on live poultry events Tuesday. The board is trying to prevent the virus from spreading and killing the birds.

We're told it is highly contagious but humans cannot catch it. And they're not at risk if they eat poultry products, including eggs. 

But these chickens are at risk.

"We just going to watch our chickens more closely and make sure they don't show any signs of the disease," the family said.

The virus is spread by other migratory birds.

"We have our chickens kind of contained most of the time and we have covers on them."

The Meyer family - along with 62 other poultry competitors - will be leaving their chickens at home this year but they say it is for the best.

"I understand they want to keep them healthy and not spread the disease."

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