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Tri-State coaches learn how out make football safer

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Some Tri-State coaches learn how to make the game of football safer for their players in hopes of avoiding concussions while on the field.

Master trainer for USA Football, Mike Bellers, walked coaches through the Heads Up Football certification course at Central High School in Evansville over the weekend. 

They went over everything from proper equipment fitting to running several different basic hitting and blocking drills.

Bellers says this is only the second year for this program in high schools, but they are already making an impact.

"We're already seeing that its working, concussions are decreasing and I think were making it a better, safer game, Bellers said. "It's taking the best information, about how to make football safe and giving coaches a systematic way to teach it the same at every high school, sharing information doing it the right way."

Each coach practiced teaching others proper tackling and block methods to reduce helmet contact and keep their athletes safe while playing a game they love.

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