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Evansville neighbors want to add security cameras to stop crime & gang activity


It's the last straw for neighbors fed up with crime on Evansville's south side.

People who live near Line Street and Chandler Avenue say the area is a hot spot for crime and gang activity. It's now to the point where people who have lived there 20 years or more are moving away.

From graffiti, to shootings, to robberies, and break-ins, they're sick of it.

Police are focusing on the south side and are working to combat problems, but neighborhood leaders say with so much going on, not everyone gets caught.

Now, they're taking matters into their own hands.

They're planning to ask the city council to add surveillance cameras that could capture anything illegal happening on the streets and sidewalks on video.

Right now, they're looking into what is legal.

The goal is to help police catch the criminals responsible for taking away their peace of mind.

"A camera is, would be our best protection, going to be our best weapon when police cars are not around," said Fred Cook, President of the Center City Improvement Association. "I think it'll help people catch them, and cameras don't lie. I think there's a possibility they might save somebody's life."

While it's clear many want to stop crime, there are those skeptical about this new idea.

"If you put cameras up, it'll help in the area where the cameras are. They'll just move to another area," said Greg Fehn, Vice President of the Center City Improvement Association. "They'll just go to where the cameras aren't."

Neighbors, even those leery of adding cameras, say ultimately, at this point, they're willing to try anything.

The Center City Improvement Association has also met with Judge Brett Niemeier to talk about fighting crime, and they're working with a state senator to see if there's any way they can get a curfew.

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