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2nd annual Memories in the Park in Union County


Most of us have lost someone we love, and Saturday in Union County, there's an event to remember and celebrate those people.

It's the 2nd annual Memories in the Park in Morganfield. It's a chance for people to come together and remember loved those who passed away over the past year. 

Last year, over 300 people showed up. It's free, there's food, music, a bouncy house for kids, dunking booth for law enforcement.

The night ends with everyone writing on balloons the names of their lost loved ones, then they release them

"I want tomorrow to hopefully bring closure to someone, or for someone to have a great memory of that person who has laid a great path for us to live on. Unfortunately, my father had to pass for me to have a vision to come up with this event," said Spencer Foreman.

The event is Saturday at Dunbar Park from 10 until 7:30.

The balloon release will start around 6.

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