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EVSC drivers say it's not uncommon for cars to pass stopped buses


The Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation says it's common for drivers to pass buses when the stop arm is extended.

In just one day last week, the EVSC says bus drivers reported at least 150 times when a driver ignored a stop arm and put the lives of children in danger.

14NEWS wanted to see what happens first-hand so we rode along on a bus route Friday.

There are three times on Kenny Dietsch's route when a car could illegally pass a bus, despite posted signs that warn drivers to stop when a bus stops.

Two of those times a car did not slow down or stop.

Dietsch says the people who aren't stopping usually aren't even aware the stop arm is out, "They're so focused on getting to where they want to go, they're not really paying attention to anything else."

Dietsch says he and other bus drivers do what they can, "We try our best to make sure our students are safe at every bus stop, every day they're out there on the streets, but we can only do so much."

If you want to know what Indiana law says about passing school buses, click here.

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