Taking a Stand: Share the road

Taking a Stand: Share the road

(WFIE) - By: Sgt. Todd Ringle

With the weather warming up, drivers will be sharing the road with more motorcycles and bicycles.

It's important to keep an eye out for riders in order to avoid serious and possibly deadly consequences.

Earlier this week, a bicyclist was struck and killed in Spencer County. Sheriff's deputies say the driver of the vehicle was looking at a mirror on her sun visor just before the crash.

A motorcyclist was hospitalized with serious injuries after a crash on Sunday in Evansville at Riverside Drive and Hwy 41. Police say a car turned into the motorcycle's path.

In order to avoid a collision with a motorcycle, Indiana State Police suggest that you check your blind spots before changing lanes, look twice at intersections before you turn or pull out into traffic, use your turn signals when changing lanes, and be cautious when turning left (this is a primary cause of crashes between vehicles and motorcycles).

Share the road. Motorcyclists are entitled to operate in a full lane.

When it comes to bicycles, it's important to remember that they have the same rights and responsibilities on the road as other vehicles.

ISP recommends that drivers slowdown in or near residential areas and playgrounds. Look for clues that children may be in the area.

Make room when you are approaching bicyclists. Be patient and wait until its safe before passing.

Share the road safely.

You could save a life.

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