Drivers confused over yellow lights not flashing on U.S. 41

Drivers confused over yellow lights not flashing on U.S. 41

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Some Evansville drivers are confused as to why certain lights on U.S. 41 aren't flashing yellow.

Evansville drivers who go up and down U.S. 41 are getting used to seeing flashing yellow turn lights.

But at the Virginia and Covert intersections, the lights aren't flashing.

INDOT installed those new lights several weeks ago to provide better traffic flow by letting drivers turn left.

But drivers we spoke to say they're confused and concerned why some lights are one way, and others are different.

We reached out to INDOT and they say the U.S. 41-Virginia and Covert intersections, "..give variable operations at different times of the day, and that option has not yet been evaluated yet."

Basically, INDOT says the lights can be programmed any way, so drivers need to expect anything.

And confusion over this same situation involving yellow flashing lights, officials say, may have played a role in a fatal accident near Indianapolis just this week.

INDOT says drivers need to stay alert because traffic patterns can and will change.

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