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Evansville woman on mission to return 35 yr. old book


An Evansville woman is on a mission to return a 35-year-old book to its author.

The book, titled "Scott's Wishes," is about a boy who asks a fairy to turn him into a goat.

It appears Lionel Phelps wrote it in 1979 while in the third grade at Helfrich Park School.

Inside, it says "to my family."

Shelley Wilson says she got it from the school library years ago.

Now she's trying to track down the author to give the book back - since it could be sentimental.

"For his mom and dad, it would be a great present and a great memory for them to have from, you know, their son being in the third grade, making this book and writing this book... because it's something that he put his heart into for himself and his family and his school," said Wilson.

Wilson says she feels a special connection to the book because her son goes to Helfrich.

If you're the author of this book or believe you may know the author, you can call the newsroom at 812-425-3026. 

We'll connect you with Wilson.

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