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Warrick Co. Prosecutor accuses former prosecutor of "hiding" data breach

Former Warrick Co Prosecutor Joann Krantz Former Warrick Co Prosecutor Joann Krantz
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The Warrick County Prosecutor says computers in his office may have been compromised by an email virus.

Prosecutor Mike Perry says the security breach, which happened in March or April of 2014, was the result of an email infected with the "cryptolocker" virus.

The virus makes computer files unusable.

The prosecutor's office says files from the child support division were included in the breach.  Those files contain personal information like social security numbers, names, addresses and tax information.

[READ the press release from the prosecutor's office]

Perry says he notified the proper government agencies when he was made aware of the possible security issue.  

He says former prosecutor, Joann Krantz, knew about the problem and didn't do anything about it.  In addition, Perry says Krantz told employees not to discuss it with anyone.  Perry released an email he says Krantz sent to staff in April of 2014.  

In the email, Krantz says " What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas."  Perry says this was referring to issues the officer was having with software and equipment.

The prosecutor's office says it doesn't appear that any personal information was compromised as a result of the computer breach, and proper precautions are being taken to try to ensure it does not happen again.

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