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Vanderburgh Co. restaurant inspection report for week of April 23

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Here are the weekly restaurant inspection reports from the Vanderburgh County Health Department:


Subway Sandwich Shop, 510 N. St. Joseph Ave. 1 non-critical violation: grease trap log not up to date

Just Rennie's, 1000 SE Fourth St. 1 non-critical violation: dish machine not reaching 180 degrees to sanitize.

Chilly Willy's Pub, 3039 Claremont Ave.  1 critical violation: dish machine not sanitizing. out of sanitizer. 3 non-critical violations: used paint rollers in bags stored in refrigerator with food products; leak in beer walk-in at drain; remove grill from outdoor patio

The Yellow Rose Family Diner, 4313H Morgan Ave. 2 non-critical violations: dish machine not dispensing sanitizer; no test strips available

Wendy's #399, 400 N. Burkhardt Rd. 1 non-critical violation: food not 6" off floor in freezer

Firehouse Subs, 222 S. Red Bank Rd. 2 non-critical violations: hand sink lacking disposable towels; outdoor refuse area soiled and needs to be cleaned of waste

Denny's #290, 5212 Weston Rd.  1 critical violation: hand sinks used as dump sinks. 4 non-critical violations: grease trap maintenance log not maintained; hand sink at front counter lacks soap; hand sinks lack disposable towels; floor in dry stock and freezer soiled

Outback Steakhouse #1519, 7201 E. Indiana St. 1 non-critical violation: trash can dollies and floor fan soiled

Taj Mahal, 900 Tutor Ln. 1 critical violation: can opener soiled, various shelves in kitchen soiled. 1 non-critical violation: wipe cloths not store in sanitizer when not in use.

Christ the King/Aramark, 3101 Bayard Park Dr. 1 non-critical violation: steam table has hot and cool spots

Ambartaj Indian Restaurant, 4951 W. Lloyd Expressway. 2 critical violations: items in refrigerators lack date marking; 3 compartment sink lacks chemical sanitizer. 2 non-critical violations: soda machine drain and mop sink have leak; hand sink lacking disposable towels

Toast, 1550 Mesker Park Dr. 1 critical violation: bar area lacks hand sink

Dollar General #12805, 1104 N. Fulton Ave. 2 non-critical violations: men's restroom lacks disposable towels; items on floor and flooring soiled

Hucks #337, 3951 N. Green River Rd. 1 non-critical violation: ice build up on freezer unit

Pizza King, 220 N. St. Joseph Ave. 2 non-critical violations: hood vent soiled; ceiling in dish machine and dry stock area soiled

Taste of India, 4700 Vogel Rd. 1 critical violation: cutting board not cleaned properly; 6 non-critical violations: items in walk-in not covered; exterior of microwave greasy; interior of refrigerator soiled; 3 compartment sink soiled; bus carts soiled; not enough lighting in kitchen.

Tin Man Brewing Co., 1430 W. Franklin St. 1 non-critical violation: disposable towels needed at bar sink

No violations:

Taco Johns, 640 N. St. Joseph Ave.

Aldi Foods Inc #3, 214 S. Rosenberger Ave.

Papa John's, 5436 E. Indiana St.

El Rio Mexican Restaurant, 1919 N. Green River Rd.

Plaza Park Academy 6-8, 7301 Lincoln Ave.

Aldi Foods Inc #2, 6434 Oak Grove Rd.

Long John Silvers #29, 4625 W. Pennsylvania St.

Qdoba, 922 N. Burkhardt Rd.

Montessori Academy, 4661 Adams Ave.

Dave's Sportsden, 701 N. Weinbach Ave. #110

Evansville Christian School - Aramark, 4400 Lincoln Ave.

Subway, 4750 W. Lloyd Expressway

St. Boniface School, 2031 W. Michigan St.

Show Me's, 5501 Pearl Dr.

The Wine Vault, 230 N. Burkhardt Rd.

Oasis Cafe by Mary & Martha's, 5101 Vogel Rd.

Thornton's #83, 701 S. Green River Rd.

Sacred Heart School, 2735 W. Franklin St.

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