Daviess Co. officials reporting pig problem

Daviess Co. officials reporting pig problem

DAVIESS CO., KY (WFIE) - Staff at the Daviess County Animal Shelter say they've seen a rise lately in the number of pot-bellied pigs being sold on the internet.

They want to remind people of the local law before purchasing the animal.

You can't own a pot-belly pig or any live stock in the city of Owensboro. If you live in the county, you have to own two acres or more of land.

Recently, Police found a pig roaming the streets, almost getting into it with someone's dog. The animal is now at the shelter.

Shelter Director Ashley Clark says they've brought in several pigs over the past few months. She says as many animals as they have in here now, they're not trying to add more.

Clark says male pigs can be aggressive towards other animals if they feel threatened.

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