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Thunderbird's first flight raises nearly $8K for good cause


An auction gave some people the chance to be the first official riders of Holiday World's Thunderbird.

The First Flight Auction raised money for Give Kids the World, one of Holiday World's longtime partners. For one week, kids with life-threatening illnesses and their families can stay for free at the Give Kids the World Village.

They can go visit the big theme parks and then come back and have fun at the village.

“This is the one week where they can be as carefree as they're going to be able to,” said Development Manager Kaylee Rodriguez. “It's the week where the family bonds, they spend time together, sit down and have meals together for the first time in months or years. And, it's just a week full of joy, magic and happiness that only the Village could provide for them."

She says they raised close to $8,000 thanks to the auction and money people paid for other rides.

Click here for more information on Give Kids the World.

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