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Third Grader challenges basketball star to contest

A 14 News Update now on a Henderson Third Grader who challenged her favorite Kentucky Basketball player Willie Cauley-Stein to a shootout.
But not the kind you might be thinking.  Landree O'Nan challenged Caluey-Stein to an archery match.  

In Kentucky – it's always basketball season. Whenever star wildcats come to town, the meet-and-greet lines snake around the parking lot.  But for one Henderson third grader-it's more than a handshake and signature. It's a chance to challenge University of Kentucky Basketball Star Willie Cauley-Stein again to a contest that doesn't involved size, strength, or speed. "I was talking about the basketball game and my archery and it got to me where if we could put it together…what would happen,” said Landree O'Nan.

One by one –Cauley-Stein met with fans. Landree …waiting patiently…then it was her turn. "I was nervous at first, but it turned out to be really excited because that's the first time I got to see him except on tv,” said O'Nan.

Landree gave Cauley-Stein a letter explaining the challenge.

“He's like, Oh, we have to set this up somehow,” said Landree.

“I got really excited! Pumped up! He's really going to do this,” said Landree.

Of course - We'll keep you posted on this next- big show down.

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