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Social media helps reunite Evansville siblings 20 years later


A group of five siblings, all born in Evansville, were split up and adopted when they were little.

Well a post on Facebook, now bringing them back together after over 20 years apart.

Hannah Towne is one of those siblings.

She lives in Mississippi and last week posted a status on Facebook trying, on a whim, to find her brother and sisters.

In less than three days, that status was shared hundreds of times.

Finally making its way to Heather Williamson, who lives here in Evansville.

Surprisingly, Heather deleted the message, thinking it was spam.

But after looking into it, they found out they're sisters.

"All my life they've never left my heart, never left my thoughts," says Heather Williamson. "When I was younger, I would wake up every day thinking about them."

"Shocked. Just in shock. I didn't think it was going to happen that fast, it was kind of like a roller coaster and I was in shock," says Hannah Towne.

Three of the five siblings have been reunited. One in Illinois. One in Evansville. One in Mississippi.

The sisters are still looking for the last two siblings, named Michelle and Daniel. According to the sisters, Michelle would have been born June 21, 1988. Daniel would have been born July 3, 1989.

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