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Posey Co. inmates participate in cemetery cleanup


An overgrown cemetery is getting help from an unlikely place.

Darrell Creek's great-great-grandfather is buried in the Stillwell Road Cemetery. 

Creek says he mowed it 20 years ago but it has not been touched since then. 

He contacted Posey County Sheriff Greg Oeth and now the cemetery is getting some tender, love, and care.

The inmates from the Posey County Jail are cutting down the trees and clearing the weeds at the cemetery as part of their community service.

"There's probably close to 100 graves in there," says Creek. "We haven't gotten them all uncovered yet. There is a lot of undergrowth, a lot of honeysuckle and it's just going to take time to get it all killed. They've been doing weed eating and it's really looking good."

The supervisor says he hopes to have the cleaning process finished at the cemetery within the week.

Creek says his family will continue to care for it.

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