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Redevelopment Commission approves new design for downtown hotel

New hotel design New hotel design
ERC meeting Tuesday ERC meeting Tuesday

The Evansville Redevelopment Commission approved new hotel design plans that were unveiled Monday night by Mayor Lloyd Winnecke.

The 4-1 vote came after Commissioner Cheryl Musgrave asked for a one-week delay in the vote. She said some city council members wanted more time to look over the new agreement.

That's because Councilwoman Stephanie Brinkerhoff-Riley says the council didn't realize their approval of $3.5-million borrowed for the Centre would not be paid back and go towards the $20-million they approved for the hotel. She says that's leaving things tight for city funds in 2017 and could endanger needed infrastructure projects.

Commissioner President Randy Alsman said that could have significant impact and cost more money in the long term.

“The way I'm looking at it, it's not a week, it's been a year,” said Executive Director of the CVB, Bob Warren. “The amount that we're spending in public money on this project, the benefits to our community far outweigh that.”

Brinkerhoff-Riley says City Council will pursue any necessary amendments to the agreements until they're satisfied, but they will not derail the hotel project by taking away the $20-million in public funding they already approved.

The next step in the process are is the construction drawings, then bidding, before building can actually begin at the hotel site.

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