Paralyzed man to receive new home

A new beginning tonight for a Whitesville man - shot three times and paralyzed a year and a half ago. Aaron "Bubba" Knott will be getting a new handicap-accessible house. This was the scene in November 2013 - the night of the shooting. Knott and his now-fiancée were shot in her Whitesville home. Knott's fiancée's ex-boyfriend Christopher Matthew Johnson was found guilty on assault and burglary charges in December and sentenced to 50 years in prison.

Hearts and healing.  This family - moving forward.  It's been more than a year since Aaron “Bubba” Knott's took his last steps.  “I went to the front door. That's when he snuck in behind me and shot me in the back. He pretty much pinned me to the door. So then I turned. I was kind of hollering at her saying, ‘Hey, Babe! He's in the house. Run!' I knew I was getting shot. That's when I tried to take a step and I fell to the ground,” said Knott.

Now – the wounds have healed and Knott is ready to rebuild another part of his life. He recently called Angels for Ashley's founder Jerry Morris to discuss building a house. “I told Bubba come on over and see what I can do and I thought about it. And I thought…well, let's just see what Angels for Ashley can do,” said Morris.

Knott says while looking over blueprints, Morris told him Angels for Ashley foundation would build him a handicapped-accessible house for free. “My Dad was there. He was like, ‘Ugh...' He was doing most of the talking. I just stood there,” said Knott.

It's a new beginning for Knott and his fiancé. Morris says he plans to build 1600 square foot house near Knott's family's farm in Whitesville. Construction will begin this summer and Morris says his phone has been ringing off the hook with people wanting to donate materials.