Bobcat numbers on the rise

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - In Warrick County, conservation officers says they're seeing an increase in bobcat sightings. The cats are known to roam at night, so drivers need to be on alert. Indiana Conservation officer Gordon Wood says they are becoming more common and says he see one at least once a week. Wood says they are commonly seen in coal mine areas, but have been spotted in backyards. Although the numbers are on the rise, killing bobcats is still illegal. He says if you happen to see a bobcat, be cautious and do not try to approach it.

"Just observe it. It is something neat to see. They aren't going to let you stand there and look at it for very long. They are a pretty shy animal and will stay away from you. You don't want to corner one. You don't want to corner any wild animal. You'll find out it's not a good thing," Wood said.

If you spot a bobcat you can report its location to the DNR so officials can monitor their actions and know how many are in our area.

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