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Jobless rate in Henderson, Union Counties at low level


The jobless rate in Henderson and Union Counties is at the lowest level since 2006.

Brad Schneider with the Economic Development Committee, KYNDLE, tells us while the nation's economy may have declined over the past few years, our local production has steadily improved.

Over the last 2 years, Schneider says companies like Budge Industries, Gibbs Die-Casting, and Audubon Metals have expanded, adding about 600 jobs locally.

“Some money is coming off the shelf, I think that companies have withheld investment over the last few years to see which way the economy is going and to see which way certain federal regulations were going to go and now those seem to be settled and companies are making decisions and with the global economy improving, they're investing in more jobs, expanding and selling more goods and that's good for us,” said Schneider.

There are several economic improvement projects in the works right now, such as the land development happening now on Borax Drive, where future industries will soon come.

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