Tri-State business is slowed because of flooding

Flooding causing slow week for Rockport businesses

ROCKPORT, IN (WFIE) - Two businesses near Rockport are having a slow week due to flooding.

You have to take County Road 200 North to get to MPW and Sceptre Mechanical, and the road has been covered by water all week.

Both companies are using a tractor with a trailer to get workers across the flooded road.

Deliveries have been slowed as they have to be taken in and out on the trailer as well.

One of the men responsible for driving workers in on the tractor says it's been an interesting week.

"Just trying to get everyone in here and keep things going," said Ed Dunn. "It's been good, other than the water. But when you're around here, you just kind of deal with it and go from there."

The water has dropped 6 inches since Thursday.

Both companies are hoping that employees will be able to drive to work on Monday.

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