Getting Tougher on Meth Production

Meth madness remains a serious problem in the tri-state. Indiana state police say there were more than 150 meth labs dismantled last year just in Vanderburgh and Posey Counties.
And authorities are doing all they can to make it tougher for meth makers to get the supplies they need.
Gibson county had nine more busts than in 2003, Pike County had nine fewer meth busts last year, Warrick County's total was cut in half, Posey had three, while there was only one State Police meth bust in Vanderburgh county last year.
Todd Ringle, Sergeant of Indiana State Police, commented, "We know we have a very serious drug problem in southwest Indiana and I hate to say, alot of these cookers are more cautious, there being sneakier about it."
Police and pharmacists have teamed up to make it tougher for meth makers to get the ingredients they neeed.
Sanlebens-we have taken all of our pseudoephedrine products and put them behind the counter..and we have a sign on the shelf that basically tells out customer if you need pseudoephedrine come back to the pharmacy and ask for it..
But other pharmacists take a different approach.
Caroline-we don't like to have our guest feel..imitimaded by actually have to keep the products back behind the counter.
Caroline Moehlenkemp is a pharmacist at the Greatland Target Store, she's confident store security workers can spot the meth makers.
Caroline-a lot of times it's a gut feeling..also they will have other products with them as well.
Tom fite a pharamacistist at sandleben has noticied a difference in the past two years.
Tom fite-when somebody has to come up to the counter they're less likely to buy ask for all 6 boxes they only ask for 1.
I think that's a small price to pay for keeping some of these dangerous drugs off the street..keeping houses hotels and etc from blowing up or catching on fire
-caroline - people who actually need the medication we feel need to have access to the medications that the reason behind it..
The police they can take care of busting tthe labs..busting the bad guys i am just taken away one of the indreidgent they need to make policing here..
Some states including Oklahoma require consumers to sign for pseudophedrine products. That idea has come up in the Indiana Legislature.  Kentucky and Illinois have also declared war on meth makers beefing up their laws to stop what police call an epidemic of drug abuse.