Police: Homeless man sneaks into Evansville school

Police: Homeless man sneaks into Evansville school

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Evansville Police say a homeless man went around and tried to open doors at the Academy of Innovative Studies early Wednesday morning.

And he was actually able to find one that was unlocked.

Police arrested Sean Crawford.

He was found inside the school after he opened the unlocked door and triggered the alarm system.

Police charged him with trespassing.

He told police he was homeless, looking for a warm place for the night, and had been kicked out of a homeless shelter.

Marsha Jackson with the EVSC says all of the schools doors should have been locked.

Now the district is examining their facility to make sure this doesn't happen again.

" Normally all of those would and show have been locked," says Jackson.  " Right now we are taking a look at the doors to make sure they are all locking properly.  Sometimes a mat can catch on them and they won't shut all the way.  And that should not be the case.  But the bottom line is that just because a door is open doesn't mean that's an entry way for a person who shouldn't be there."

Police say it doesn't appear Crawford was trying to steal anything.

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