City discovers $500k, now puts it toward affordable housing

City discovers $500k, now puts it toward affordable housing

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Evansville city leaders have discovered half a million dollars and now they're putting it to good use.

The Department of Metropolitan Development discovered that some city projects dating back to 2004, hadn't used all the funding they were given.

Kelly Coures and his office say they could have lost it, but it will now go to affordable housing projects throughout the city.

"Over the years as directors came and went, projects would get finished and all the money the city council had appropriated for those projects wasn't used.  It just sat there.  Going back over ten years," says Coures.

Coures says some of that affordable housing could go where the city recently demolished blighted homes.

Coures says we can expect to learn more details about those housing projects in the coming months.

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