Drugs smuggled into the Vanderburgh Co Jail through the mail

VANDERBURGH CO., IN (WFIE) - UPDATE: We incorrectly identified one of the suspects as Damon Welder when this story was originally posted in March 2015. He was not involved. The correct name of the suspect is Damien Welder. We apologize for the error. The story below has been adjusted to reflect the correct information.

Investigators say a person outside the jail was taking drug strips, putting them on the back of stamps and sealed envelopes, then mailing them into inmates in the Vanderburgh County Jail.

According to the Vanderburgh County Prosecutor's office, this involved more than seven different people and there could be more arrests.

Probable cause affidavits list Jacob Alvey-Williams, David Slaton, Aaron Carnahan, Logan Smith, Evan Pund, Zach McCool, and Damien Welder as participating in this drug ring.

Officials say Jacob Alvey-Williams' girlfriend, Jessica Robb, was sticking Suboxone strips on mail and then sending it into the jail.  Suboxone is 20-30 times for potent than morphine.  And it's about $35 a strip.  Suboxone is primarily used to treat narcotic addiction of Opioids.  It can give the person extreme levels of euphoria.

According to the affidavit, other inmates were using commissary to pay for the drugs.

The affidavit also lists Aaron Carnahan as one of the main subjects responsible for moving Suboxone into the jail.

Officials say Carnahan and Alvey-Williams are close associates on the streets.

Officers recorded some jail conversations between Alvey-Williams and his girlfriend, Jessica Robb.

During those phone calls, officials say Alvey-Williams tells Robb where she needs to place the strips so officers don't find it.  Alvey-Williams also tells Robb  to, " Do it like she did last time."  In another conversation, Robb tells Alvey-Williams that she gets the Suboxone from a friend.

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