I Never Knew the Importance of Dental Insurance

I guess I always took insurance for granted when I was covered under my father's plan.

My dad works for a major Fortune 500 company, and I was always under his insurance coverage until I graduated from college.

I have been doing alright, paying out of my pocket for enough medical insurance coverage to give me a little help if something major ever happened.

But I currently have no dental insurance.  This hadn't been a problem until just the other night.

Me being the talented person I am, I managed to break part of my tooth off while flossing.  I don't know how exactly I managed to do it, but when I felt that little piece of tooth come out all I thought was "This is going to cost me!"

I made an emergency trip to the dentist the next day where they gave me the option to have it filled for the time being, or go for the more permanent crown.  I explained my lack of insurance and went for the cheaper method of repair.

Now, I realize how easy I had it when I was under my father's fabulous coverage.  I don't know how exactly people with families manage it without a good benefits package, yet it seems very hard to find.