New law cuts money from town speeding tickets

New law cuts money from town speeding tickets

SANTA CLAUS, IN (WFIE) - A new law in Indiana cuts the amount of money town police departments get from writing speeding tickets.

Before the law was passed, Santa Claus speeding tickets were $50 with all the money going to the town and no points docked on the person's driver's license.

Now, the tickets are normally priced at close to $140, with the town only getting $20 and points added to driver's license.

President of the Christmas Lake Village property owners association Don Vogel says they have a problem with speeding in their gated community.

He says Santa Claus Police regularly patrol in the community.

Vogel says he hopes the increase in fine will deter speeding in their community.

The gated community is discussing how they will help police with the new fines. One option is adding signs to remind people how much the cost is.

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