Jury could decide dog ownership dispute

A 14 News update on a dispute over who owns a Hopkins County dog. We're learning Judge David Massamore recently denied a motion that would've returned the pooch to its original owner.

The dispute over who owns the dog began late last year at the Hopkins County Humane Society. Now, a jury could decide who owns the dog.  It's a fight that may end in court - a battle for Buddy Bear.  It all started when the Miller family says their 3-year-old Great Pyrenees disappeared.

"We love our dog. We miss him. We're not going to stop until we have him home or a judge says we don't deserve to have him," said Jessica Miller, the dog'soriginall owner.

Buddy ended up at the Humane Society, and by law, they held him for five days.

By the time the Millers checked the Humane Society, they learned Natalie Dickerson adopted him.

Judge David Massamore recently denied a motion that would give the dog back to the Millers. Both parties in the case have agreed to go to a jury trial. There's a court hearing set for March 17th.

The new dog's new owner Natalie Dickerson says she has received threats from people on social media and hope her experience doesn't discourage other people from adopting homeless animals.