New Ohio Township Trustee is requesting state audit

New Ohio Township Trustee is requesting state audit

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - The new Ohio Township trustee says he has a lot of work to do, cleaning up after the previous trustee.

Chad Bennett says when he took office, he found the township is behind on federal and state taxes. And he's now requesting a state audit.

Bennett says fines, interest and penalties have built up from late payments and forms not being filed.

Now he says he has to go through more than four years of records to determine what hasn't been filed or paid.

Bennett just contacted the Indiana State Board of Accounts for an audit, which will begin in the first six months of this year.

He says he's also hired a CPA to help and right now there is about $20,000 in penalties.

He says the only silver lining is that the taxpayers won't be held responsible. The money will have to come out of the former trustee's pocket.

"It's an added unneeded burden to myself and to my staff to have to be dealing with these kinds of tax issues when we would be working on other things, so it's kind of every day, it's a new challenge as far as what we are having to deal with in the day to day business," said Bennett.

Bennett hopes he will be able to resolve the issues this year so that he can start moving forward on other projects that he said he wanted to do when he took the position.

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