KY Transportation Cabinet pre-treating roads for expected snow

KY Transportation Cabinet pre-treating roads for expected snow

MADISONVILLE, KY (WFIE) - Kentucky Transportation Cabinet workers are busy pretreating roads in anticipation of snow and ice hitting western Kentucky Wednesday night.

Anywhere from a half-inch to two-inches of snow is expected to hit the Hopkins County area.

Drivers are being advised to be aware and courteous of salt trucks that will be out and about.

The KYTC started pretreating roads Tuesday because it usually takes two full days for crews to cover all the roads in the area.

"Generally we'll start with the C routes which are the less traveled routes because since they get less travel the pre-treating will last longer on the C routes. We then move to the B routes which are generally the connector routers or intermediately traveled routes. And then we move to the A routes which are generally are parkways, interstates, and U.S. highways," said Keith Todd, KYTC public information officer.

Trucks will be out till 5 pm Wednesday making sure the roads are ready for the winter weather.

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