Statement from Mayor's office regarding release by City Council

"The statement released by city council is disappointing and grossly inaccurate. Prior to filing the Petition for Statutory Determination and prior to the passage of the ordinance, the administration, through its legal counsel, is on record at the December 15, 2014 City Council meeting advising the City Council that the ordinance as amended on the floor, was in violation of Indiana law. A Supplemental Memorandum of Law articulating the illegality of the ordinance and the decision to veto the ordinance arising from the Mayor's sworn duty to uphold and preserve Indiana law was provided to Council. Prior to filing the Petition Mayor Winnecke spoke with President Adams and Councilman O'Daniel regarding the legal challenge. Furthermore, the City Attorney's office contacted counsel for the City Council regarding the Petition and provided him with a copy of the petition prior to it being filed. In the meantime, the Administration has treated the ordinance as valid and has replaced over 40 individuals on boards/commissions.

The attempts to further politicize this issue are unfortunate. The administration looks forward to the Superior Court's review of the Petition."

Steve Schaefer
Chief of Staff
Office of Mayor Lloyd Winnecke

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