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The Super Bowl may make some workers sick come Monday

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Millions of people may not show up to work on Monday morning.

CNBC says that's because nearly 1.5 Americans will call in sick with what they're calling a Super Bowl hangover.

The Workforce Institute estimates nearly 4.4 million will show up late on the day after the big game.

In Evansville at the Lamasco Bar and Grill, LaJohn Hooper says he's not surprised people get 'sick' after the Super Bowl, "Monday morning it's like hey, I'm still full, my bed is warm, eh I have PTO time, I'll call in. I'll be late, or I'm sick.

Lisa Fuchs has been a bartender for 16 years.  She says she can always tell who's going to have a rough day after the Super Bowl, "Maybe that they can't even hold their head up." 

Despite the early start time for the big game, Fuchs says the crowd at Lamasco crowd wasn't too rowdy.

"Not really. Shockingly enough everybody has been really calm and had dinner and ate something and just a few drinks. I think everyone wants to stay at their houses and have parties at their house and drink more there, " said Fuchs.

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